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creative marketing & business development

Drew Marketing Solutions is a one-stop integrated Marketing and Communication Solutions provider with a strategic approach focused around brand building, business development and value addition.

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Market Trends

We study and analyseΒ  the perceived tendency of financial markets to move in a particular direction over time and identify the market trends for your business.

Product Development

We conceptualize, design, develop, brand and market your newly created or newly rebranded goods and services

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01. Data-driven Solutions

All our approaches are anchored on market data

02. Think Long-term

In all our assignments we always consider the short, mid, and long-term approaches

03. Teamwork

All our strategies are a collaboration where we involve our clients at every stage while having in mind the customer journey as well

04. Environment Concious

We ensure all our activities are aligned with global sustainability i.e the ESG framework

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clients say about us

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Laurel Land Homes Kilimani

Satisfied client from kilimani. You guys did a good job

Team member 2 Jim Fahad Digital
Essendi Nairobi

Their is nothing more important than getting thing the value for your money at a timely basis. Always had the best services, continue with the same spirit. It will take you far as a company

Team member 8 Jim Fahad Digital
Erick Ragero Kisumu

I recommend the guys. I love their approach, very consultative and engaging.